Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sad News About a Fellow Author

URGENT:  A special writer friend of mine, Christa Wick, just announced on her blog that she has breast cancer.  She will be going through a lumpectomy and radiation. 

She will likely be very sick for a while and unable to write.  She did not say that, but as a writer, I don't see how she could.  It's very, very difficult to write when you are sick, tired, or depressed.  She will be all three.

I also know, as a writer, that if you don't keep putting out stories, your sales drop.  After three months, they drop A LOT.  This will be at a time when she'll be having to pay for cancer therapy, which we all know is extremely expensive, even with insurance. 


I am requesting that you all keep Christa in your thoughts and prayers, and send her lots of good vibes/energy.  Also, if you are able to, maybe you could remember her, and check out her books whenever you think of it in the near future, to help her out.  Not just now, but over the next few months, so her book rankings can stay even, and she doesn't get a big drop in ranking or income.

In addition to being a sweet person and a generous soul, she's a fantastic author, and you can't go wrong when you buy one of her books!  She's especially well-known for her Curves series.  Christa has a scrolling widget on her blog sidebar that shows you a variety of her books, so check them out.  If you click on the books in her widget, they're probably tied to her Amazon affiliate count, so anything other Amazon products you buy that day, she'll also get a tiny kickback on that from Amazon.

Thank you, my reader lovelies!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Story, FREE for a limited time: Don't Tell My Husband!

New Story!  And it's FREE for a few days only, on Amazon!

In Don't Tell My Husband, lonely Lila has been neglected by her husband long enough.  He wasn't meeting her needs even before he took a traveling construction job and started to avoid her.  After months without sex, she can't take it anymore!  When her smoking-hot landscaper shows up on her doorstep, Lila takes one look at his sweaty, sculpted body and knows that she's found the man to fill her every need!

This steamy short story of 5703 words is filled with explicit naughtiness!

GO NOW to download Don't Tell Her Husband, while it's still free!  Let's burn up Amazon's Bestselling Erotica in the Kindle Free Store list!  Let's see just how far up we can get Don't Tell My Husband on the list!  If you can get my story into the top 20 of that free list, I will do the same thing with my next story (and oh man, is it going to be good--the cover is awesome!) and put it on Select, so you, my wonderful readers, can read that next book for FREE, too! 

If you want to show me a little reader love and affection, spread the word to your friends by spreading the word, linking to this blog post, and tweeting it as well!  I'll be tweeting a link to this blog post from my @GiselleLondonX account, so if you follow me, you can retweet it if you desire.  (And I'll love you all for it, my sexy, gorgeous reader friends!)

As part of the Amazon Select program, it will only be available on Amazon for the first 90 days it is published, before it gets put up on other retailer websites.  But you don't need a Kindle to read it!  There are Kindle apps for every computer, tablet, phone, and device out there, and can be downloaded to your computer, too, where you can convert it from Amazon's mobi to the epub or any other format (if you have Calibre with the conversion plug in). 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Release! End of the World BANG

December 21, 2012 may have come and gone (thankfully, with none of the dire predictions coming true), but don't worry, there's always another apocalyptic theory on the horizon...usually every decade or so!

Until then, check out End of the World Bang, an enticing read about Carissa Markham, who helps plan a "sinners unite!" end-of-the-world party at the bar of her favorite upscale restaurant.  But she's not concerned about the latest in a long line of end of the world scares--she's more worried about getting laid by the sexiest man she can find!

She finds what she's looking for in the stunning Finn Regan.  Black curly hair, flashing blue eyes and a melodious Irish accent are enough to make her weak in the knees.  But when she finds out that her longtime crush, the buff-and-delicious Peter, has just split from his wife, she can't help but blush at the thought of the two of them together. 

Choosing between them is impossible.  Then again, it's the "end of the world"--why settle for just one hunk?

As of this writing, End of the World Bang is live already at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and will soon be available on Lulu.  The premium retailers that Smashwords delivers to should have it live sometime within the next two weeks following this posting. (Diesel, Sony, Apple, etc.) It should already be live at Barnes and Noble, but it isn't last time I checked.  B&N's whole system is glitch-riddled lately.

Click on your preferred retailer below to check out End of the World Bang:

Barnes and Noble
Kobo (Kobo isn't allowing book uploads until after the New Year, go to Smashwords, they have every format)
All Romance Ebooks

New Release! Limited Edition: Forbidden Delights Anthology--THIRTEEN of My Books at One LOW Price!

Forbidden Delights Anthology is a collection of my first thirteen erotic short stories.  It's a steamy 86,171 words, filled with sizzling scenes of hot studs and luscious women doing the naughty things they love to do when no one is looking...and sometimes when everyone is looking!

This is the perfect gift to yourself, especially if you just got a new Kindle Fire HD for Christmas.  It's all together in one convenient package, complete with a linked table of contents so you can easily go back to re-read one of your favorites!  At the current listed price, you're saving $16!  Plus, when you hide your smut covers by removing them from the Kindle Fire HD carousel, you only have to remove one cover, not thirteen.

As of this writing, Forbidden Delights Anthology is live already at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, All Romance Ebooks, and will soon be available on Lulu.  The premium retailers that Smashwords delivers to should have it live sometime within the next two weeks following this posting. (Diesel, Sony, Apple, etc.)

Included stories:

His Virgin Babysitter
Mistletoe Merrymaking
Lianna’s Hot Assistant
(also published as Lianna’s Houseboy)
The Exhibitionist’s Fantasy
The Virgin Seduction
Wet Revenge
Father Tom Takes a Virgin
Free Ride
(also published as Taken By Him)
Room Service Rendezvous
Public Display of Arousal
Taking the Babysitter
Seducing My Sweet Sitter
Take Me Now!

Click the link to find Forbidden Delights Anthology at your desired retailer:

Amazon (link updated)

Barnes and Noble
All Romance Ebooks

How to Remove Books from the Kindle Fire HD Carousel

Translation:   How to Hide Your Smut!

You just got your new Kindle Fire for Christmas.  You tore the package open, gave it a test drive, and downloaded a bunch of books (of the naughty variety) for when you have some time alone.  You notice the cool "carousel" of revolving pictures that show your most recently opened or purchased apps, books, and movies.  Nice!  Convenient, right?

Then in the afternoon, as you sit on the couch, stuffed to the gills with that second slice of pie that you're kicking yourself for having, you open your Kindle Fire HD and realize to your horror that the carousel is proudly displaying to one and all your vast collection of Giselle London smut, including Take Me Now!, End of the World Bang, Public Display of Arousal, and Seducing the Babysitter.

Oh my!

*Click*, *tap*, oh my god, oh my god, is that Grandma Sadie looking over my shoulder?  Shield it from her view!  Stupid Kindle, stupid Kindle, delete, delete, delete!!!

Now hold on a minute folks!  You don't need to delete all your smut to keep it secret from your boss, your toddler, your Grandma Sadie, or the nosy lady who asks if she can check out your Kindle Fire at Starbucks.

It's very simple.  After you download an erotica title (or any other book whose title or cover you might not want others to know about), simply go to the carousel, press and hold the cover of the book you want to hide until a little menu pops up, then tap "Remove From Carousel".  That's it!  Your book is still on your Kindle Fire, but safe from the prying eyes of those over-the-shoulder nosybodies. Just go up to "Books" in the menu at the top of the main screen to find your book again.

Now you can continue downloading and reading your smut.  Merry Christmas!!

Update:  When you open that book up to read it in the future, you will need to delete it from your carousel again, because it will show up in your carousel every time you open it. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pick up your schmexy books BEFORE Turkey Day!!

Just a little reminder to my readers to stock up now on the latest titles from your favorite erotica authors NOW!

Once Thanksgiving weekend arrives, many readers will be either hosting the turkey dinner or dragging yourself over to a relative's house for the big day.  Food, football and family arguments...ahh, the bliss that is Thanksgiving!  ;-)

What better way to relax once you're locked in your bedroom than to read a naughty book!  But who wants to spend a half hour of that precious private time searching for a book?  Not me!  And no one wants to do their book searching during the day when Aunt Bertha might peek over their shoulder!  So do your searches now,  download the books you like, and keep them stealthily tucked away on your e-reader until you're alone, and in need of relief.

What better way to get secret revenge on a nosy, prudey relative who asks you prying questions than to read something salacious, in her honor?  If you really want to be rebellious, keep your back to the corner, and sit and read the smut right in front of them!  Just don't leave your Kindle unattended.  For those who are really bold, you could tell everyone exactly what you're reading...but don't blame me for the ensuing feud!

Imagine what everyone would say if they knew you were reading this!

And for the ladies who like to supplement their sexy read with a little "toy" action, here's a tip:  if you say that you need the "white noise" of a fan to help you sleep, it will completely mask the buzzing noise emanating from your room.  ;-D

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Giselle London

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - August 19 - "Take Me Now!" - #SixSunday

I'm joining in the Six Sentence Sunday trend* and posting six sexy sentences from my latest ebook, Take Me Now!, which is available free today (Sunday, August 19, 2012), at Amazon.

At this point in the story, Amanda is rebelling against her desire for Ryan, the manager at the pizza restaurant where she works.  They've been closing the restaurant alone together for a month, and she's resisting her urges because she's married, even though her marriage is on the rocks and her husband hasn't touched her in a month.  When she finally confides to Ryan that she's considering divorce, Ryan suggests an alternative: stay with her husband, and let someone else fulfill the desires that her husband can't.

"Let me make you happy, Amanda.”  He brushed a strand of hair back from her face with his fingers, leaving a trail of heat that sizzled right down to her core.

Her nipples tingled, and she could feel them drawing in, coming to stiff peaks beneath her t-shirt.  She struggled to pull air into her lungs as she watched his full lips moving toward hers.  She fought against it, hesitating, then something inside her broke loose.  Warmth spread between her legs, and she ached with desire.

WARNING:  This short story contains dirty talk, and a steamy, casual encounter between a single man and a married woman in a semi-public place.  No plot, all sex!  (4,107 words, plus a bonus excerpt)

You can read a longer excerpt of Take Me Now! here, at Amazon (and it's FREE today only), and it will be available at other retailers in 90 days from today's date.

To check out other Six Sentence Sunday excerpts, go to the original Six Sunday site:

*I actually missed the deadline to have my contribution linked on the Six Sunday site, but what the hell, I'm blogging and tweeting it anyway.  ;-)