Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to Remove Books from the Kindle Fire HD Carousel

Translation:   How to Hide Your Smut!

You just got your new Kindle Fire for Christmas.  You tore the package open, gave it a test drive, and downloaded a bunch of books (of the naughty variety) for when you have some time alone.  You notice the cool "carousel" of revolving pictures that show your most recently opened or purchased apps, books, and movies.  Nice!  Convenient, right?

Then in the afternoon, as you sit on the couch, stuffed to the gills with that second slice of pie that you're kicking yourself for having, you open your Kindle Fire HD and realize to your horror that the carousel is proudly displaying to one and all your vast collection of Giselle London smut, including Take Me Now!, End of the World Bang, Public Display of Arousal, and Seducing the Babysitter.

Oh my!

*Click*, *tap*, oh my god, oh my god, is that Grandma Sadie looking over my shoulder?  Shield it from her view!  Stupid Kindle, stupid Kindle, delete, delete, delete!!!

Now hold on a minute folks!  You don't need to delete all your smut to keep it secret from your boss, your toddler, your Grandma Sadie, or the nosy lady who asks if she can check out your Kindle Fire at Starbucks.

It's very simple.  After you download an erotica title (or any other book whose title or cover you might not want others to know about), simply go to the carousel, press and hold the cover of the book you want to hide until a little menu pops up, then tap "Remove From Carousel".  That's it!  Your book is still on your Kindle Fire, but safe from the prying eyes of those over-the-shoulder nosybodies. Just go up to "Books" in the menu at the top of the main screen to find your book again.

Now you can continue downloading and reading your smut.  Merry Christmas!!

Update:  When you open that book up to read it in the future, you will need to delete it from your carousel again, because it will show up in your carousel every time you open it. 

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